Creating Jobs

Ponka-We Victors with World War II VetI will work hard to make sure that we create jobs in Kansas and keep them here. I support small businesses and encourage the private sector to create good jobs in Kansas. I believe small businesses will fuel our economic recovery. I will work hard to bring quality jobs to Kansas and to help create and sustain local businesses.


Ponka-We Victors Speaking on House FloorEducation is vital to our state and future. I feel it is important to promote education and to provide our teachers with the resources they need to educate our children. I will do everything I can to put a quality college education within the reach of every child in our state. As a community and state we need to make sure all students meet or exceed high academics standard to ensure a better future for our state.

Health Care

I want to be at the table to help implement the health policy just passed at the federal level. I support efforts to insure more Kansans and to make health care more affordable. We must work together to promote wellness and the well-being of all citizens. It is imperative that Kansans take control of their health and make sure that we have the health insurance we need to keep our families healthy and safe.